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Developing a profi table organization means recruiting, managing, and motivating a diverse group of people. Just as effective performers contribute a variety of skills and experiences, differing temperaments are also needed. Much has been written recently about the necessity of homogeneity of an executive team. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Can you imagine every executive in the company having the same personality as the vice-president of sales or the vice-president of manufacturing? Common orientations lead to a narrow understanding of the marketplace and the purpose of the organization. Every organization needs different leadership and communication styles at various levels and departments – from the boardroom to the shop fl oor. It is these different synergisms that create everything from a new product to the best way to lay out the shipping room. Outstanding people know how to recognize and take advantage of the strengths of others, even if those others may drive them crazy.

Let’s explore some personality opposites. Why they need each other, and why they can irritate each other with their temperamental differences.