Success Stories

OAD Stands By Our Results

Here are a few of the kind words from some of our satisfied clients:
  • The OAD Survey helps us insure that new hires that we on-board are a solid match for their respective positions.  Much of the information that OAD provides us is information that would be difficult, if not impossible to uncover during the interview process. By administering the OAD Survey early in the process, we are better equipped to probe potential shortcomings of the candidates in subsequent interviews.  In short, OAD has helped us make better hiring decisions.  When it comes to recruiting, if I did not have access to OAD, I feel that I would be “flying blind”.

    Scott O. - HR Manager - Medium-Sized Midwest Manufacturer
  • Our executive team has been blown away by how impactful the OAD program has been to our hospital in such a short period of time.  By taking the guess work out of the hiring process, the new hires that we have brought it on this past year have more than exceeded our expectations with regards to performance.

    Tina M. - Director of Human Resources – Large Midwest Regional Hospital
  • OAD is an integral part of our Talent Acquisition & Development initiatives.  We have had great success using OAD for a host of applications including hiring and selection, management and coaching and even conflict resolution.  OAD has been so valuable to us that I cannot imagine doing my job without it.

    Bob C. - Manager of Talent Acquisition & Development – Large Electrical Supply Company
  • Time and time again, the OAD program has proven to be extremely impactful for our organization.  As a recruitment tool, we have been able to substantially increase our odds that our new hires are placed in jobs that they are well-suited and allow them to perform at their best.  The OAD has also enhanced our ability to tailor the coaching and individual development plans for our associates whereby the overall performance has been enhanced across the field.

    Melisa M. - Senior Director of Talent Management – Large International Retailer
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the day and felt that the time was very worthwhile. I will benefit greatly from the insights you gave us regarding the OAD tool. Thanks again for your work and for your support.

    Marc J. - Management Logistics Company – Washington DC
  • If we'd had this insight four years ago, we might not be in the people predicament that we are now faced with.

    Steve B. - President & CEO – Large Electrical Supply Company
  • The OAD Survey has much to commend it. Grounded in personality theory, it is an instrument that is designed for assessing aspects of work-related personality for targeted populations and purposes, and appears to do that well.

    Buros Institute -
  • Your presentation of 5+ hours went by in a heartbeat.  I now feel empowered to better judge the future success of both my current team and prospective reps by using the OAD system.

    Ken O. - Division President -Large Midwest Commercial Insurance Company
  • Everyone has been very complimentary toward the seminars both in content and presentation.  This is a good step in the right direction. As you heard, Good to Great's emphasis on the right people in the right places resonates strongly among our team, especially among the executives. The training that you provided will go a long way to assisting us achieve our objectives.

    Joseph P. - Vice President of Human Resources –Large East Coast Distributor