Strategy is Only the Start

Execution is the Key

The costs of peoples’ inability to execute are far higher than the costs of strategy and goals development. Too often organizations revert back to business as usual in order to conform to employee personalities, habits, skills, and resistance to any change.

  • How important is determination?

  • Why do some managers delay or even avoid altogether holding others accountable?

  • Do some key employees strive for perfection at the expense of excellence?

  • Do some of your employees view deadlines as being mere suggestions?

  • Do key members of your sales team confuse activity with accomplishment?

  • How important is the ability to negotiate?

  • Do some managers blur the lines between leading by example and micromanaging?

  • How important is being deadline driven?

  • Are there some positions in your organization where “close enough” just won’t cut it?

  • How important is determination?

None of these are academic. They are all real-life situations that executives and managers encounter on a daily basis. It doesn’t have to be this way. By deploying the OAD Program these productivity killers can be identified, isolated and remedied.



The process starts by benchmarking the demands of the key positons of the organization. This is done in a two-fold process.  First, by deploying the OAD Job Analysis Questionnaire whereby two or more managers provide insights on their perception of the demands of a particular position.  The second step is to create a baseline by assessing all of the organization’s current employees.  From this, analysis can be done uncovering links between high performers and personality characteristics by position.


Through this analysis both current and prospective employees can be compared against multiple data points on a position by position basis. This analysis will provide a keen understanding of the organization’s business culture and subsequently how applicants would compare against the JAQ Benchmark as well as current successful employees.  This data can be used to fine-tune second and third interviews as well as establishing a baseline to gauge your current and future organizational needs.


Together, OAD and the client can design an efficient recruitment and personnel development process that will result in improved operational performance and reduction of costly employee turnover.  Through our tested consultation process, OAD can help shape the appropriate development of programs and heighten their chance for success.


Through this process, OAD will provide the vehicle necessary for all key members of the management team to manage, lead and communicate with their respective teams, through a common language and methodology.  Using our customized training and development programs, we reinforce the company’s culture through seminars with organization structures and rewards.


With OAD, executives and managers will spend less time having to deal with the non-value add, tactical activities that result from excessive turnover and lackluster productivity.  As a result, they will have more time to work on higher leverage, strategic initiatives that address the current and future needs of the business.  In short, executives and managers will finally be free to work on their business as opposed to working in their business.