Strategy is Only the Start

Execution is the Key

The costs of peoples’ inability to execute are far higher than the costs of strategy and goals development. Too often organizations revert back to business as usual in order to conform to employee personalities, habits, skills, and resistance to any change.


OAD executes a specialized Job Analysis Questionnaire to evaluate your employees’ skills, experience, and personality types. That way we understand the existing human capital capabilities and cultures that make up your business.


Once we have an understanding of your business culture, we compare applicants against current successful employees. We use this data as a baseline to gauge your current and future organizational needs.


Together, we design an efficient recruitment process and through our tested consultation process, we shape the appropriate development programs for success.


Using our customized training and development programs, we reinforce company culture through seminars with organization structures and rewards.


Once our plan has been fully developed and executred, we Integrate and systematize for current and future business needs. By sustaining our strategy execution, the success of your business will continue to grow.